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Why Lean Startup Training Is Not Enough

​The Lean Startup began as a grassroots movement that took root within the startup ecosystem. Over the last decade, the movement has developed a powerful toolbox of techniques and methods that help innovators navigate their way towards sustainably profitable business models. Noting the success of the movement within startups, leaders in large companies have begun […]

Innovation Teams Must Answer These Six Questions Before Launching A Product

In previous posts, I have defined innovation as the combination of creative ideas with sustainably profitable business models. While it is good that companies invest in R&D, there is also the need to find “the architecture of revenues” for all the breakthrough products we are working on. This means that innovation teams should spend time searching for […]

Lean Startup Is Dead? Long Live Lean Startup!

In a previous post, I wrote about how large companies are poised to be the greatest beneficiaries of the lean startup movement. We are entering an era of technology that is well suited to the resources that large companies have (i.e. The Third Wave). This next wave of technology will involve products and services that are costly […]

How To Create A Culture Of Innovation Beyond The Sticky Note

Corporate leaders often talk about creating a “culture of innovation” within their companies. When having these conversations, they often act as if organizational culture is some mythical creature that comes down from the mountain to greet the people. Most leaders are unaware of their power to change the culture of their companies and instead find […]

Innovation Is Management

Every entrepreneur wants to be Steve Jobs. But the Steve Jobs they want to be is the Steve Jobs on stage presenting the new iPhone at an Apple event. Not many entrepreneurs want to learn how to be Steve Jobs the day-to-day innovation grind. Innovators in large companies are not any different. I have found […]

10 Things Companies Do That Make Their Most Innovative Employees Leave

In a previous post, I wrote about why corporate leaders may be right to shut down non-performing innovation labs. That article focused on what innovation managers get wrong when they engage in innovation theatre rather than real innovation, which is the combination of great new products with sustainably profitable business models. In the interests of being fair […]