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It Takes A Village: How Intrapreneurs Can Work With Key Functions To Drive Innovation

Nowadays entrepreneurs have become celebrities. Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are treated like rockstars. But even as we celebrate their individual accomplishments, we must not forget that innovation is never a solo pursuit. Successful innovation results from the combination of great visionary ideas with profitable business models. It takes a village to build […]

How Innovative Can Companies Really Be After A Crisis?

As governments across the world have imposed strict lockdown rules due to Covid-19, company leaders have had to figure out how to manage employees that are working remotely from home. Companies have been using various technologies for video-conferencing, whiteboards and virtual documents. The silver lining could be that leaders are learning how remote work can […]

How To Stop Relying On Consultants By Building Your Company’s Innovation Capabilities

Post Covid-19, company leaders are going to be dealing with a lot of challenges. In addition to stabilizing their core business, leaders will also be thinking about how they can use innovation to drive new growth. The challenge for most organizations will be that they have historically neglected to develop the necessary innovation skills among […]