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Eight Ways To Manage Innovation Experiments Without Hurting Your Company’s Brand

Unlike startups who are usually just starting out in business, large companies tend to have trading histories and reputations to protect. Part of this reputational equity is captured in the company’s brand. At the same time, innovation involves experimenting with ideas and building minimal viable products. This tension between running innovation experiments and protecting the […]

Four Ways To Improve Creative Collaboration Within Teams

Innovation is a team sport. Although creativity is a characteristic that is often used to describe individuals, the idea of the lone genius is a myth. Even famous inventors such as Thomas Edison where in reality representing the “work of many men.” Francis Jehl, a longtime assistant of Thomas Edison , used this phrase to describe the group of engineers who worked […]

Why R&D Spending Is Not A Measure Of Innovation

When it comes to R&D spending, corporate leaders often want to know what others are doing. How much are other companies in different industries spending on R&D? Leaders want to know the level of spending in absolute terms (i.e. total expenditure), and also as a percentage of revenue. The presumption is that R&D spending is […]