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The Nine Advantages Of Being A Corporate Startup

What is better? Running your own startup or driving innovation within a large company? Steve Jobs was very clear that it is better to be a pirate than to join the navy. There are freedoms that come with running your own company. Startup founders do not have to answer to line managers they disagree with […]

The One Thing Legal And Compliance Hate About Innovation Teams

What is the one thing that legal and compliance teams hate about innovation teams? Being treated like a box to tick at the end of the innovation process. They really hate it when innovation teams come to them towards the end of their projects, asking them to approve something they have not seen until that […]

The Top 10 Innovation Shortcuts Company Leaders Should Avoid

There was a time when it was a real struggle to convince corporate leaders that their companies needed to innovate in order to create new growth. That argument seems to have been put to rest. Most leaders are now looking for ways to drive innovation within their companies. They seem to be genuinely convinced that […]

The Right Questions Leaders Need To Ask Innovation Teams

Imagine this scene. A team is pitching an innovation project to leaders using a slide deck with five year revenue projections, an execution roadmap and assumptions that are being presented as facts. After the presentation, the leaders take things from bad to worse. The finance director states that she cannot approve any investment in this […]