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The Three Human Barriers To Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is an imperative in today’s business market. With the rapid pace of technological change and disruption that is taking place, no industry will remain untouched. It is in this context, that many companies across the world are launching and driving digital transformation programs. But what we are learning is that, while the digital […]

Why Does Your Innovation Lab Exist?

Inspired by the other companies that have done the same and fearful of being disrupted by startups, several companies have opened innovation labs and startup accelerators. Examples of this include Telefonica’s Wayra, Jaguar Land Rover’s InMotion Ventures, EDF Energy’s Blue Lab and many others. The success of corporate innovation labs and accelerators has been mixed […]

Every Company Needs An Innovation Thesis

As the importance of innovation is starting to become clear for corporate leaders, there are a few myths and bad practices that are also taking hold. For example, I have heard several innovation leaders talk about letting a thousand flowers bloom and espouse the notion that there is no such thing as a bad idea. […]

Eight Ways To Create Space For Innovation

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In a previous article, I wrote about the myth of the innovation lab and how intrapreneurs need to focus a good proportion of their time on stakeholder management. A reality that we cannot deny is that innovators who work in established companies face immense cultural challenges. It is these challenges that often trigger the creation […]

The Myth Of The Innovation Lab

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Innovation labs have become popular as a way for established corporates to manage innovation. A quick search of the term “innovation labs” on Google news reveals quite a large number of innovation labs being opened on a monthly basis. Companies like Huawei, Unilever and Cisco have all launched new innovation labs in the past month. […]

Six Principles For Creating A Good Corporate Innovation Process

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Innovation is management. For those of us that want to create a lasting innovation culture in our companies, understanding this principle is vital to success. There may be plenty of myth making around innovation these days, but innovation is not about working on random ideas to see what sticks. Companies need to develop a clear […]

Why Innovation Fails

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How do we get our employees to come up with more ideas? This is a question I have been hearing more and more from corporate leaders. And it is a good question to explore, because the more ideas we generate within our organizations, the better the chance that we will find good ideas. In the […]

Why Lean Startup Training Is Not Enough

​The Lean Startup began as a grassroots movement that took root within the startup ecosystem. Over the last decade, the movement has developed a powerful toolbox of techniques and methods that help innovators navigate their way towards sustainably profitable business models. Noting the success of the movement within startups, leaders in large companies have begun […]

Innovation Teams Must Answer These Six Questions Before Launching A Product

In previous posts, I have defined innovation as the combination of creative ideas with sustainably profitable business models. While it is good that companies invest in R&D, there is also the need to find “the architecture of revenues” for all the breakthrough products we are working on. This means that innovation teams should spend time searching for […]