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Tendayi’s books are about how companies can transform their businesses to innovate for the future, while they are running their core business. He writes about innovation strategy, ​innovation management and innovation practice in established companies.

Pirates In The Navy

Faced with the choice of starting your own company or joining a large corporation, Steve Jobs thought that it was “more fun to be a pirate than to join the navy”. And yet a lot of large corporations have entrepreneurial employees who are constantly trying to innovate. These intrapreneurs recognize that they can not keep doing innovation as a series of one-off projects that have to jump through political hurdles. They realise that there is a need for some change inside their companies to allow innovation to happen as a repeatable process. But how do they get this done? This book is written for those passionate innovators working in large companies who want create an innovation ecosystem and bring it to life, change the culture within their company, influence leaders and create a lasting change. This book will provide innovators with practice tools and guidance to navigate the choppy water of corporate politics while successfully transforming their companies.

The Corporate Startup

The Corporate Startup is a practical guide for established companies that aspire to develop and sustain their innovation capabilities. The world around us is changing rapidly. There is now more pressure on established companies to innovate. The challenge most companies face is how to develop new products for new markets, while managing their core business at the same time. The principles and practices outlined in this book provide companies with a blueprint of how to manage innovation while they execute on their core business. The Corporate Startup provides frameworks, visualizations, templates, tools and methods that can be easily applied to develop new products and business models. This book outlines the core principles and practices that established companies can use to build their innovation ecosystems. The approach will help companies to innovate like startups, without having to act like startups.

The Lean Product Lifecycle

This book is for game changers that are looking to spark sustained innovation and growth within their companies. This playbook provides frameworks, methods and tools to help you develop innovative new products and business models. The Lean Product Lifecycle illustrates how you can follow the 6 key phases of a product’s life – Idea, Explore, Validate, Grow, Sustain and Retire – so you can manage and develop products by doing the right things at the time; and ensure the right investment for each phase by asking the right questions at the right time. For each stage there is a step-by-step guide of product development best practices using examples and case studies from several companies and start-ups. Using the tools and templates in this book, you’ll be able to take a new product from idea to scale by using the right tools and methods for validating new products ideas and business models. Discover how lessons from lean startup, agile development and design thinking can transform your business.