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Tendayi speaks about how companies can innovate for the future, while they are running their core business. His keynotes cover several topics on corporate innovation including leadership, strategy, organizational design, investment management and innovation practice.

Pirates In The Navy: How Innovators Can Thrive In Corporate Environments

Innov8rs Conference – Helsinki

Whether large companies need to innovate is no longer a question. The challenge now is how to innovate in a consistent way. In this keynote, Tendayi addresses some of the obstacles that innovators face inside their companies; and also some of the key mistakes they make.

Beyond Experiments: Aligning Innovation With Corporate Strategy

Lean Startup Week – San Francisco

In this keynote, Tendayi talks about the importance of developing an innovation strategy to avoid random innovation projects in companies. Developing an innovation thesis to guide strategic decision making. How to align innovation projects with corporate strategy. How strategy can help with transitioning successful innovation projects into the core business.

Innovation Thinking Ahead

Campus Seminar – Zurich

In this keynote, Tendayi discusses how to educate young people to become more innovative. The essence of innovation is to accept failure. We need to teach young people to innovate by designing like they right and testing like they are wrong.