Beyond Experiments: Aligning Innovation With Corporate Strategy

Lean Startup Week – San Francisco

In this keynote, Tendayi talks about the importance of developing an innovation strategy to avoid random innovation projects in companies. Developing an innovation thesis to guide strategic decision making. How to align innovation projects with corporate strategy. How strategy can help with transitioning successful innovation projects into the core business.

Innovation Is For Everyone

Innovation Is For Everyone – The Conference, Malmo

In this keynote, Tendayi discusses how companies can make sure that they have a democratic process for managing innovation. How developing an innovation ecosystem with metered funding and the right questions at the right time helps open the innovation process to more people within the company.

I’ve taught alongside Tendayi on several occasions and it’s always been both a pleasure for me and a top-tier experience for the participants. He brings great charisma and cheerful candour paired up with real expertise and insight into putting Lean Startup to work for companies both small.

Rob Fitzpatrick

Author of The Mom Test

I’ve had the pleasure of listening and learning from Dr. Viki on several occasions. His grasp of evidence-based product development processes and ability to communicate them along with other lean and agile ideas are second to none.

Jeff Gothelf

Author of Lean UX & Sense and Respond

Dr Viki’s work on product development at large companies is the competitive advantage in the innovation age. I would never miss a chance to hear him speak about applying Lean Startup and working with him is an insightful and rewarding experience. Indeed, Dr Viki is the Michael Porter of innovation!

Stuart Eccles

Chief Product Officer at Percolate Inc.